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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi wrote a book in 1975 which was available in typescript in the London ashram in the late 1970s. (the original was handwritten). It was often refered to as Mother's Book; also as The Creation, after the title of the first chapter.

For various reasons this book stayed unpublished until after Her passing (in 2011) when a group of Sahaja yogis assembled their own version from the earlier typescripts (1981/2, 1986/7), and added diagrams drawn by Shri Mataji at various times in the early years. Their version is known as The Book of Adi Shakti (published in 2013).

The original diagrams intended to accompany the book (and refered to in the text in early versions) have not survived.

Early versions:

Creation chapter: original typescript with Shri Mataji's handwritten corrections (late 70s)

Creation chapter: early typescript with handwritten comments (by a yogi)

Creation chapter - another early typescript with handwritten comments

Creation chapter - last revision (1987)

Incarnations chapter - early typescript with handwritten comments  (chapter 2)

Channels - handwritten text (1987)

Central Path chapter: early typescript (chapter 11 in most versions)

Swadhistan chapter: early typescript with handwritten comments (by a yogi) (chapter 14)

Text of Book from 1982

Unfinished and Unpublished Book of Param Pujya Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji's Book Unfinished

Mother's Book - a personal history (Regis Camille)

Note: there are other early versions with text from either 1982 or 1986. (original text from 1975)
Also a version with a different arrangement of chapters.

Recent editions and translations:

Book of Adi Shakti  (2013 draft 22-1)

Creation - the Eternal Play (full Indian edition in English)

Creation -Srujan-Shashwat Leela (full Hindi translation)

Le Livre de l'Adi Shakti  (full French translation, 2016)

Russian translation (2016)